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facelift surgery in turkey

Face-Lift Surgery in Turkey

We carry out all our treatments in JCI approved clinics in Istanbul, whose reliability and quality are approved worldwide. We offer you the best treatment options with our best doctors and teams working for your health with great devotion. Each stage of the treatment is carried out under the latest technologies and in 5-star clinical settings. Your safety, health, and you get maximum efficiency are always our priority. We are always moving forward with you from the first step you take to our hospitals to the last moment, we choose the right clinic and the right doctors together with you.

We guarantee immediate improvement, long-term results, and the best care in all processes of rhytidectomy treatment. Our experienced doctors perform your procedure in the most painless way.

Dear patient, you can easily trust that we will provide you with maximum satisfaction from the moment you reach us until the moment you are discharged and return home. We provide free 24/7 consultancy and translation support in 20 different languages where you can ask your questions about your surgery, care, the recovery process, or any other issue you may have. Our patients express themselves in the most comfortable way is very important for us. In addition, we provide travel, accommodation, and transportation support so that our patients can progress easily. With our VIP vehicles, we first transport our patients to the clinic where the treatment will be performed and then to the hotel.

As in every other matter, your security is a very important issue. For this reason, we provide free legal support whenever you need it, protect your end-to-end security, and defend your rights. We also provide psychological counseling that you can consult whenever you wish. Our patients' interests will be under our sole protection from the first moment they apply.

Headlines of Facelift Surgery in Turkey:

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  2. What is the Face-Lifting Treatment?
  3. Face Lift Procedure
  4. Facelift Benefits
  5. Possible Facelift Complications
  6. Recovery Time Facelift

Rhytidectomy near me

What is the Face-Lifting Treatment?

Facelift surgery, known as rhytidectomy, improves the signs of aging on your face and gives it a younger appearance. If there are sagging, wrinkles, or similar problems on your skin that bother you, the facelift is the right treatment for you. This treatment allows you to get a fresh look by taking your appearance to the way you were years ago. You may look more tired and older due to reasons such as advancing age, diet, and genetic factors. With the facelift surgery, you can refresh your self-confidence by achieving the tight, bright, and radiant skin of your dreams.

Whats a mini face lift;

In some cases, a different surgery may be applied. If there are small skin sagging, a "mini" facelift can be performed. This surgery is performed with smaller and shorter incisions.

All healthy individuals who do not have conditions that will complicate and prevent recovery after the surgery, who do not smoke or use substance, are suitable candidates for face lift surgery.

Face Lift Procedure

First of all, your medical history is examined by your doctor. Afterward, it is necessary to determine what you expect from this treatment. This is because the procedure to be applied will change depending on the result you want.

Local or general anesthesia is applied depending on the situation. Your doctor will recommend the best option for you.

Depending on the degree of change you want to see, your rhytidectomy treatment options include traditional facelift incision, partial facelift incision, and neck lift incision.

In general, in the facelift treatment, the skin is raised, and the underlying tissues and muscles are tightened. Fats on the face and neck are corrected or removed. The facial skin is repositioned, excess skin is removed, and the wound is closed with tape or stitches. However, the incisions to be made during the surgery, depending on the procedure and the preferences of our patients.

Traditional facelift incision

In this option, an incision is made in the area where the hairline starts at the temples. The incision starts in front of the ear, continues up to the earlobe, and turns behind the ear to complete your lower scalp.

Partial facelift incision

This alternative is a short incision that starts above the ear and wrapping the front of the ear but not extending into the lower scalp.

Neck lift incision

The neck lift incision usually starts in front of the earlobe and continues towards the back of the ear and ends in the lower scalp. The process usually takes 2 or 4 hours and is performed by our successful doctors with minimal pain.

Facelift Benefits

To summarize the advantages of facelift treatment;

- Tightening of sagging skin

- Young, energetic, fresh look

- Skin with less fat

- Wrinkles and lines disappear

- The disappearance of the jowl

In addition to these, you will feel much better and self-confident, and having a healthy and young appearance will have a positive effect on your mood and motivation.

Possible Facelift Complications

It is possible to experience some side effects after your procedure. These risks;

- Mild pain

- Swelling

- Bruising

- Numbness

- Infection

- Scar

In case of different complications contact your doctor immediately.

Recovery Time Facelift

For the recovery process to progress with the fastest and most permanent results, you should follow your doctor's instructions and use the medications he has given carefully. You may have a small amount of bruising and pain during the recovery time, these are quite normal.

Your doctor can place small tubes under your skin to drain excess blood and fluid from the area where the surgery is performed. Your doctor will instruct you on the day after surgery when these tubes will be removed, and the dressing will be done.

The bandages are removed 2-3 days after the surgery and an elastic face strap is started to be worn.

Your doctor will remove your stitches 1 week after the surgery. Later weeks, you can take care of yourself at home, thereby minimizing your risk of infection.

In total, your doctor will continue your follow-up for the first 2 months. And he will want to examine you periodically.

In all this process, it is important for you to avoid wearing make-up, stay away from chemicals and avoid direct exposure to the sun.

Facelift Before and After

Rhythidectomy Face Lift Surgery


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