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World Eye Laser Clinic Istanbul

Laser Eye Surgery in Turkey

We provide laser eye treatment services to you in the best way, with well-equipped doctors who are very successful in their fields and teams that always care about their patients in clinics that are the best in the field worldwide. Located in Turkey this our clinics, we aim always for the best results for our patients' health and safety. We use the latest technologies in all our processes and we consider your self-interest as our priority at all stages from start to finish.

We perform surgeries, preoperative examinations, and postoperative controls in 5-star clinical environments. While performing this whole process, we proceed with you at every stage, we choose the right clinic, the right doctors, and the treatment together with you.

We assure lasting and clear healing as a result of each eye treatment. We provide the fastest recovery process and the best care after our painless surgeries performed with the best doctors in the field.

Our dear patient, we will always provide you with complete satisfaction and support in every step you will advance. We will provide 24/7 free consultancy and translation support in 20 different languages where you can direct your concerns and questions about your health, treatment, procedure, or any subject. At every stage, you can express yourself most comfortably is as important to us as it is to you. The communication we will establish with our patients is very valuable to us and we will always be with you to achieve this in the most accurate way. We also provide support for travel, accommodation, and transportation because we expect you to focus solely on your treatment from you. We pick you up from the airport with our VIP vehicle and take you to the clinic for your examinations and then to the hotel for your rest. After all the necessary examination is performed, we plan the treatment we will proceed with you.

We provide free legal support when you need it. It is very important to us to ensure your end-to-end security and defend your rights. We will also provide our patients with a psychological counseling that they can turn to whenever they want. Above all, it is always one of our priorities to offer you complete peace of mind.

Headlines of Laser Eye Surgery in Turkey:

  1. Eye Surgery Treatment Price and Services in Turkey
  2. What Is Laser Eye Surgery
  3. Types Of Eye Surgery Turkey
  4. Lasik Eye Surgery
  5. ILASIK Eye Surgery
  6. PRK Eye Surgery
  7. No Touch Eye Surgery
  8. Smile Eye Surgery
  9. Lasek Eye Surgery

Lasik eye surgery near me

What Is Laser Eye Surgery

Eye Healthcan be considered as the most sensitive scalpel discovered by science and technology. Thanks to this sensitive scalpel, Laser Eye Surgery is performed with advanced and reliable technology. Laser Eye Surgery is a procedure performed on the cornea. With Laser Eye Surgery, the cornea is shaped correctly so that the light falls on the optic nerve.

It is very important for the freedom of vision of the person to get rid of the apparatus that helps to correct vision and vision impairment. Eye laser surgery is a treatment applied at this stage. This process, which is performed to help the patient to get rid of myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism, provides the clear image seen with glasses and contact lenses without glasses and contact lenses.

The type of eye laser surgery to be performed is decided by a detailed eye examination by your doctor. At the same time, your cornea examination is performed to find out your corneal thickness and corneal shape or other details

Types Of Eye Surgery Turkey

Technically, there are different types of Laser Eye Surgery. These techniques are as follows.

1- Lasik Eye Surgery Turkey

LASIK is the best known and most commonly performed eye treatment. LASIK; is the process in which vision problems such as myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism are improved with a special laser called an excimer laser. Anesthesia in the procedure is done with eye drops. A valve called a flap is removed with a device called a microkeratome and a mechanical knife. After flap removal, laser treatment is started.

Lasik Surgery Benefits Turkey

In this operation, the whole procedure takes a few seconds. No pain is felt in this procedure. There is no needle or suture in the surgery. Since the epithelial tissue remains intact with the procedure, vision is optically perfect from the very beginning. Recovery is very fast. Our patients can return to the pace of their daily lives within 24 hours.

Lasik Surgery Side Effects Turkey

Dryness may occur in your eyes within the first 6 months after surgery. Within a few weeks after surgery, there may be increased light sensitivity, glare, halos around bright lights, or double vision. Inadequate correction may occur if the laser removes less tissue from your eye than it should. In this case, need to be repeated within 1 year of the LASIK procedure. Overcorrection may occur if the laser removes more tissue from your eye than it should. Astigmatism issues. Flap problems that may occur can lead to infections and complications. Your vision may regress to its previous state. Very rarely, complications can result in temporary vision loss.

Lasik Eye Surgery Procedure Turkey

- Preoperative Considerations

There is no harm in eating a light meal. Eye makeup should not be applied. Deodorant, perfume should not be used. If there are medications used, you should contact your doctor to find out which ones will continue to be used. Since the face will not be washed after the surgery, it is recommended to take a shower on the day of surgery. If wearing contact lenses for visual or cosmetic purposes, it should be removed a few days before the operation (3-7 days) and glasses should be used during this period. (This issue is also very important in terms of getting accurate results from examinations and tests)

- Listen the directions

After lying on the operating table, it is important to listen to the directions of the surgeon and the surgical team and apply them. A lid separator that separates the eyelids is attached to the eye of the person and the person cannot move the eyelids even if they want to.

- Aftercare instructions

Although the issues to be considered after the operation vary according to the method applied, the following procedures are generally applied.

Depending on the doctor's permission, you can only wash your body and take a shower for 1-2 days.

It is completely forbidden to rub your eyes for two weeks.

If you run tears from your eyes, it will be gently rubbed off your cheeks.

It may be necessary to use protective sunglasses.

Medicines given by the doctor should be used as directed.

Do not use make-up or swim in the pool or sea for 10-14 days.

It should not be in an environment with heavy dust for a while. If the working environment is dusty, it is necessary to inform the doctor. Your doctor will give recommendations accordingly.

Lasik Surgery Recovery Time Turkey

Recovery time for LASIK usually takes 6-12 hours. Many patients begin to see clearly, within 24 hours, but may take several days around in some patients. Blurred vision continues for a few hours after LASIK, so it is very important that stay away from activities and environments that will tire your eyes and you rest for the best recovery.

The patient should come to the clinic the day after the operation for the necessary controls. Steroid eye drops are given to the patients as medication during the treatment process, which they should use within the time determined by their doctor and according to the recommended instructions. During the recovery period, your doctor will want to see you at certain intervals and will perform your follow-up with great care.

2- iLASIK Eye Surgery Istanbul

iLASIK surgery is the most advanced and newest laser technology that provides excellent eye health, including personal computer-controlled bladeless laser technology with personal wavefront treatments. It is performed by removing the flap with a femtosecond laser device. iLASIK is a completely reliable procedure with permanent results. iLASIK is an appropriate treatment for most people over the age of 18 with appropriate general health conditions. However, it is not applied to diabetics, those with eye diseases such as cataracts, keratoconus, and glaucoma, and those whose eye numbers have changed in the last 2 years.

iLASIK Surgery Benefits Turkey

The iLASIK process is a technology with proven quality and effect with FDA approval.

It is a type that combines a lot laser technologies in the best way. It is a completely personalized treatment carried out by considering the eye structure and vision capacity of the person throughout the process. It provides a clear view because it includes wavefront treatment. Flap complications and problems are very few. It is an operation that patients who have a cornea that is thinner than normal and who have undergone previous laser surgery can easily be done.

iLASIK Eye Surgery Side Effects Turkey

Some side effects may occur within 6 months; Glare and halos in the lights, Flap problem or scar that makes vision difficult, Inflammation under the flap, Very rarely occurring, transient light sensitivity, Or similar side effects that are likely to occur in any surgery.

iLASIK Eye Surgery Procedure Turkey

The iLASIK process is developed from traditional LASIK. A similar procedure is applied in the whole process.

iLASIK Surgery Recovery Time Turkey

After the entire process is completed in a very short time, such as a few minutes, recovery takes occurs very quickly. It is not safe to return to your hotel on your own terms after the operation, so we recommend you return with our VIP vehicles. Your doctor will give you eye drops to keep your eyes moist and prevent infection. It is important that you follow your doctor's instructions for your eye health. For your control, you should come to the clinic at intervals determined by your doctor, the first of which is the day after surgery. Should stay away from situations that will tire your eyes, and you should wear sunglasses. In the first 3 days, there may be conditions such as mild pain, itching, watering or dryness, and blurred vision, these are quite normal. You can return to your normal daily routine after 1 week.

3- PRK Eye Surgery in Turkey

This procedure, whose full name is Photo Refractive Keratectomy, is the first treatment method of Excimer laser. This procedure has been applied for many years and is still widely used. In this surgery, the epithelium at the top of the cornea is completely removed and Excimer Laser is applied to the underlying tissue. And a new epithelial layer grows back over the next few days following surgery. Drop anesthesia is applied as in the Lasik treatment. And the patient does not feel pain during the surgery.

It is recommended for patients whose eye grade is small and corneal thickness is not suitable for Lasik.

PRK Eye Surgery Benefits in Turkey

PRK method is more advantageous for some patients than Lasik treatment. There are some pros during and at the end of the surgery; It is a suitable procedure for patients with thin cornea. It is more cost effective than Lasik treatment. Less flap complication occurs. At the time of the surgery, there is no increase in eye pressure or pain because no vacuum is applied to the eye. With this process, there is no deterioration in the natural structure and thickness of the cornea.

PRK Eye Surgery Side Effects in Turkey

You may have pain within 3 days after PRK procedure. You can use the pain medication given by your doctor in this process. Your eyes can become very sensitive to light. Corneal cloudiness may occur during the first few days. A little more infection can occur than in the LASIK procedure. Recovery and clear vision takes longer than Lasik treatment.

PRK Eye Surgery Procedure in Turkey

Before surgery, you will have an examination to assess the condition of your eyes. The imperfections in your eyes, the size of your pupilla, and your cornea shape will inspection. In PRK surgery, the procedure to be applied to one eye takes 5-10 minutes, and the whole process is completed in about 30 minutes. As anesthesia, eye drops are applied. Your surgeon will wear an eyelid holder to prevent you from blinking. With a laser, brush, knife, or alcohol solution, your eyes' corneal surface cells are removed and discarded. Programmed with the measurements made during your examination, the laser reshapes your cornea. At the end of the procedure, a transparent contact lens will be placed on your eyes and serve as a bandage. These bandage contact lenses will stay in your eye for up to about 1 week.

PRK Eye Surgery Recovery Time in Turkey

After the surgery, you should rest in our clinic. Afterward, we will send you to your hotel on the same day. Your doctor will recommend that you keep your eyes closed for a while. One day after the treatment, you must come to the clinic for your doctor to make the necessary checks. After surgery to remove your bandage contact lenses attached, you need to come back to the clinic within 1 week. Your vision will be blurry for the first few days, but it will recovery greatly afterward. Your doctor will tell you when you can perform your shower, face washing, and similar situations. You should stay away from all activities and environments that will tire your eyes for at least 1 month. It would be better for you to try not to expose your eyes too much to the sun for about 1 year.

4- No Touch Eye Surgery in Istanbul

This treatment is performed with personalized methods without touching the eye in patients with low-grade myopia and astigmatism. No Touch laser procedure may also be applied to patients with thin corneas. With the examination by your doctor, it is determined whether your eye structure is suitable for this procedure.

No Touch Eye Surgery Advantages Istanbul

It is a non-touch surgery. Provides great protection in terms of corneal biomechanics. Surgery on both eyes is performed in one go. Does not cause dry eyes. It can also be safely applied to patients with thin corneas. Recovery takes place in a very short time after treatment.

No Touch Eye Surgery Risks 

There are disadvantages that can occur in any treatment, such as reduced corneal resistance, stinging for a few days after surgery, watering and delayed clear vision.

No Touch Eye Surgery Process in Istanbul

The No Touch procedure is performed with drop anesthesia and is painless. In this surgery, laser beams directly touch the eye and, differently the Lasik method, the flap is not removed. The procedure is applied to both eyes at the same time. The process is completed in a very short time, such as a few minutes. Protective lenses are placed in the eyes after treatment.

No Touch Eye Surgery Recovery

After your No Touch operation, you may have complaints such as stinging, redness, sensitivity to light and blurred vision within 3 days. Your doctor will ask you to come to the clinic for a check both the day after the operation and 3 days later. After the controls, if your doctor deems appropriate, you can return to your daily life.

5- Smile Eye Surgery in Turkey

In this treatment, personalized, bladeless SMILE laser technology is used. In this method, unlike other methods, the cornea does not need to be shaved. It is a suitable method for athletes and patients in similar conditions who may be exposed to any impact or similar situations.

Benefits of SMILE Eye Surgery in Turkey

This treatment is carried out with the most advanced laser technologies. It is a completely safe procedure. The patient does not feel pain or pain. The surgery is performed within seconds. Recovery after treatment is very fast. It is a very suitable method for patients who are not suitable for LASIK treatment. It is performed with closed surgery without cutting.

Smile Eye Surgery Side Effects in Turkey

Complications that may occur in all other procedures occur in this treatment. There are risks such as glare, sensitivity to light and inflammation.

Smile Eye Surgery Procedure in Turkey

First of all, you will have an eye examination to check your suitability for this treatment. You need to remove your lenses 2 weeks before the surgery, your doctor will guide you in this respect. The process is performed with drop anesthesia. Your surgeon creates a thin tissue in your cornea and removes this tissue through the opening in the cornea. There is no cutting at any stage of the surgery. Later, as a result of this procedure, the shape of the cornea is changed and the defect in the eye is corrected. Thanks to this treatment, corneal biomechanics are minimally affected.

Smile Eye Surgery Recovery Time in Turkey

You must stay in the clinic for 30 minutes after the surgery. Your doctor will recommend eye drops for you to use. You should come to the clinic for control the day after the operation. Our patients with Smile treatment recover quickly. You should not contact your eyes water a few days. You can return to your work and daily life 3 days after the surgery.

6- Lasek Eye Surgery in Istanbul

In LASEK treatment, the epithelium is stripped with alcohol by creating a flap, and then the cornea is reshaped.

Lasek Eye Surgery Benefits in Istanbul

LASEK is a highly preferred treatment worldwide. There will be a great improvement in your vision within 1 week after your surgery. LASEK procedure, which is similar to PRK treatment is less painful than others. In this procedure, no incisions are made in the cornea, so it is completely safe. It is very convenient for patients suit complaint from dry eye.

Lasek Eye Surgery Side Effects 

Surgery and recovery may take longer than other treatments. The patient feels more pain in LASEK treatment than LASIK. It is compulsory to wear a bandaged contact lens for at least 4 days after the surgery. The patient has to use eye drops for more than a few weeks. For a few days, you may feel like you have a foreign object in your eye. Blurred vision may occur for 6-9 months.

Lasek Eye Surgery Procedure in Istanbul

You should have stopped wearing your contact lenses at least 3 days before this treatment. Afterward, all the necessary examinations will be performed before the surgery in our clinic. You can ask your doctor all the questions you are curious about your procedure and then plan the day of surgery with your doctor. In LASEK eye surgery, topical anesthesia is placed directly into the eye and local anesthesia is provided in this way. At the time of the procedure, alcohol is applied to the epithelium for 30 seconds and the epithelium is removed from the underlying tissue. The cornea is shaped by laser and re-spread instead of the flap. Finally, a protective lens is placed on the eye and the surgery is completed.

Lasek Eye Surgery Recovery Time

The recovery process after LASEK is similar to that of LASIK. The flap created during the process heals within 4-7 days. You may feel discomfort in your eyes for the first few days. Our patients have a clear vision within a few days. You need to come to the clinic the day after the operation for control. Your doctor will also want to re-inspection after 1 week and after 3 months.


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